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selfsealed's Journal

servant; rider

HEIGHT: 5'8" / 172cm
WEIGHT: 125lb / 57kg

Rider's outer personality is cold, quiet, and reserved, with an underlying sultry nature. She takes the role of a ruthless and determined killer in the series, saying very little in the beginning; she's highly obedient of her Masters, willing and understanding that she's required to obey them without fail, going against them only when their safety is in danger. Nonetheless, she isn't afraid to use people, either, and is highly manipulative of the people around her.

Aside from the cunning used in battle, Rider is an intelligent and even nice woman if you can manage to get her to converse with you - and, as much of a loner as she is, she does enjoy a good conversation. Her true want is to live the relatively 'normal' life she once had, free of Grail wars. Her passions are riding (whether it be anything from bicycles, to motorcycles, to animals - especially horses, one of her talents being equestrianism) and literature. She spends most of her free time with her nose in a book, absorbed in reading.

When she cares for someone, Rider is actually very loving and warm, and even more loyal when a bond of true friendship is formed.